Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles of social media for brands is the pressure to “keep up.”


Platforms come and go. User behavior changes. As a result, the way brands approach social media has to change too. Heck, looking at a guide on how to “dominate” Facebook from 2010 feels like reading hieroglyphics today.


Rewind back to as recently as 2017. Consider how much the social landscape has already evolved.


  • Drastic shifts in Facebook algorithm
  • The introduction of Twitter’s 280-character limit
  • The rise of LinkedIn for influencer outreach
  • The explosion of live video via Facebook and Instagram
  • And honestly, that doesn’t even scratch the surface.


So, what social media tactics should be cornerstones of your strategy to remain relevant?


We’ve broken down nine evergreen social media marketing tactics that go hand in hand with the best practices of today’s social platforms. If you’re looking to crush your goals, any combination of these strategies is totally fair game.

Social Media Tactics